Friday, May 4, 2007

Just cause I was really, really bored today...

I don't know why this popped into my head today, but I used to go to Catholic school and they would announce prayers over the loud speaker during homeroom. One morning they said, "We pray for everyone's friend...Sebastian Bach," and there was much laughter. Apparently Sister Mary Somethingorother didn't realize he was the lead singer for Skid Row.

The string of opening night movies in the next few weeks is insane, with "Spider Man 3," "28 Weeks Later," "Pirates of the Caribbean 3," "Fantastic Four 2,' and "the Transformers," though that last one may not be an opening night one. It's comes out on the Fourth of July, and I might opt to drink beer and blow stuff up instead.

After the debate Thursday night, I turned on Hannity and Colmes, because they had Newt Gingrich on and I figured the former speaker of the house would have a better insight then the debate spin room. Hannity wanted to make an issue out of John McCain saying that there were mistakes made in the war, which a) no shit and b) is something McCain's been saying for years, but I think the implication the host was making was that McCain's comments were "demoralizing our troops." So Hannity asked Newt to comment, at which point the former speaker strongly defended John McCain (almost in an "I want to be your V.P." way), agreed that mistakes were made, and even had a kind word for Joe Biden (which is a "D" if you didn't know). I sware, Sean Hannity looked like he wanted to cry.

I'm no angel. I'm no stranger to the dark. Let me rock your cradle. Let me start a fire with your spark. Oh, come on baby. Come and let me show you my tattoo. Let me drive you crazy. Come on and love me, baby. So, you don't give a darn about me? I never treat you bad. I won't ever lift a hand to hurt you and I'll always leave you glad. So, I might steal your diamonds, but I'll bring you back some gold.

I'm catching up on my Ultimate Fighter 2, and it's amusing to see all the people talking out their ass about how great they are, yet haven't backed it up in the Octagon. Some never ever got a contract at all. My personal favourite was Marvin Gulliard, on the first episode, saying "Dawg, do you know who the fuck I am?" Yeah, you're the guy who just tapped out to Joe Stevenson in fifteen seconds, which granted is fourteen seconds longer than I would have lasted, but still.

I may have to return my copy of "God's Other Son" after saying this, but Tucker Carlson Live (show #4 they've tried out weekday mornings on MSNBC) is actually pretty funny. As a side note, yes, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it that Imus is suing CBS Radio.


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