Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've been meaning to tell you...

Why can't I believe in equality for women, yet still think that Hillary Clinton couldn't be anymore transparent if she were invisible? I watched the debates this week and when she bought up her and "Bill" going to Columbine you could almost hear her saying to herself, "Dramatic pause, try and look upset." If you want to call me biased, that's fine. I know when I appear on the Sunday morning shows, it won't be with a (D) next to my name. But at least with Barrack Obama or John Edwards I get the sense that they have a vision for America. With Hillary Clinton, I think she just wants to be President.

Now that I've discovered the wonderful world of bit torrents, I've been catching up on my "UFC All Access," which is the show hosted by the oh so purty Rachelle Leah that focuses on different UFC fighters and how they train. Rich Franklin gets the award for most insane weight training routine. He goes non stop (you usually rest for a minute or two between exercises), and after and hour has done 1,500 reps. In comparison, I just got back from the gym, working out for a little over and hour and I only do aboot 450-500 reps. That's why he's the "Ace" and I'm just a blogger.

If there's one thing I miss aboot working in the mall, it's that first day in Spring where the weather is just warm enough for all the girls to decide it's time to take out the clothes that shows off the goods. It's like they have a hotline that tells them "Ok girls, it's sunny out. It's time for everyone to start showing off the goods." And oy vey, do they show off the goods! They hit the malls and the beaches in the shorty shorts and the tops that make you say, "huh huh...boobs." God bless America.

I'm still waiting for a good day. I think I've held this long enough. I think it's safe to tell you some things. It's not just what you say to people and it's not the way you look at me. It's the way you present yourself for all your worst critics to see. And it feels like I'm at an all-time low, slightly bruised and broken from our head on collision.

One good thing to come out of the debates was that more people are talking aboot Joe Biden. Now he just needs to overtake Edwards as the number 3 person...and pray to God that Al Gore doesn't decide to run.

Don't forget to mark your calendars: NO PANTS DAY is this Friday.

The quote of the week goes to Mamba Magazine who, in a blog post aboot ho's (don't panic, they're allowed), said "[Russell Simmons] claims that rappers talk about women this way as a reflection of poverty but lets not pretend that overpriced Phat Farm hoodies helps eliminate poverty and materialism in the world." You should make Mamba Magazine your friend.

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